Sunday, May 18, 2014

Manziel vs. Bridgewater— From the Packers Perspective

As a Packer fan, I was praying that the Vikings wouldn't take Johnny Manziel in last week's draft.  My dream was realized when the Vikings ended up with Teddy Bridgewater.  Here is my reasoning:

  1. First, Manziel has the greater potential.  His playmaking ability reminds me of Brett Favre, and he has the ability to be a star.
  2. In addition, Bridgewater's pro day was an utter embarrassment.  A pro day is essentially a job interview, and he completely screwed it up.  A lot of training money was poured into preparing for that one day, and his accuracy was about as good as a Cubs closer in a save situation.  His supporters blame it on the fact that he wasn't wearing a glove.  However, those people should keep in mind that he was throwing against air.  
  3. Manziel played in the SEC.  He played against NFL caliber players on a weekly basis and excelled.  On the other hand, Bridgewater's toughest opponent last season was UCF.  He hasn't proven that he can succeed against difficult teams.  
Ultimately, I think that Manziel has a higher ceiling.  Now, I'm not saying that Bridgewater can't be a good NFL quarterback or that Manziel is a sure-fire success.  I just think that Bridgewater is more of a project and will take some time to develop.  From the Packers perspective, this is a good thing.