Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tony Stewart Accident With Video

Here is the video of Tony Stewart running over Kevin Ward.  Warning: It is graphic.

My take on the crash:

I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but it seems far fetched that Tony Stewart purposely hit Ward.
  1. First, Tony Stewart doesn't have motive.  He's a successful NASCAR driver and a millionaire.  He's been in wrecks before on much bigger stages.  Why would he feel so much anger towards Ward when it isn't even a big stage?
  2. There was a car in front of Stewart, which would make it hard for him to see Ward.  Also, it would be nearly impossible for him to slow down and brake.  
  3. Moreover, it looks like he was trying to avoid Ward.  He seems to hit Ward with the right side of his car.  It appears like he was trying to swerve out of the way.  If you purposely wanted to run someone over, you would hit them squarely.  
Again, I don't want to jump to conclusions.  The police will investigate and everything will become clear.  It just seems unlikely to me that Stewart would intentionally run over Ward.  Even if Stewart is completely innocent, it is still a tragic and horrible accident.