Friday, December 20, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Out

In a press conference earlier today, Packers coach Mike McCarthy stated that Aaron Rodgers is OUT for Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Rodgers has not been medically cleared to play since fracturing his collarbone agains the Chicago Bears.

Packer fans have been criticizing Rodgers for not "sucking it up" and playing.  Many are of the opinion that Brett Favre would be playing through the pain.  However, I think that this is a smart decision by the organization.

Even if the Packers make the playoffs, they will not make it far.  Their defense is atrocious, and their offensive line is mediocre.  There is no way that they are good enough to go into Seattle and beat the Seahawks.  Furthermore, I think that they would have a hard time beating the 49ers, Saints, and Panthers.

Green Bay is better off keeping Rodgers off the field and letting him heal completely.  Subsequently, he will be able to have a healthy and productive offseason.  In the meantime, Ted Thompson needs to put together a competitive defense.

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