Friday, January 10, 2014

Don't Blame Dom Capers

On Sunday, the Packers made an early exit from the playoffs at the hands of the 49ers for the second straight year.  As a Packers fan, I was mad...very mad.  However, as many Cheeseheads called for the firing of defensive coordinator Dom Capers, I put the blame on someone else—Ted Thompson.

I think that Capers called a great game.  He kept Kaepernick and Gore in check and limited the big plays.  He was not the reason that the Packers lost the game.  They lost the game due to lack of talent on defense.

Below is the coverage on the 3rd and 8 in which Kaepernick rand for 11 yards and a first down.  It is a perfect call.  If Jarrett Bush keeps contain like he is supposed to, then the 49ers don't convert and the Packers get the ball back.

The entire season, the secondary has been blowing assignments, missing tackles, and giving up big plays.  Morgan Burnett and M.D. Jennings are arguably the worst safeties in the NFL.  Who brought them in?  Ted Thompson.

Thompson has been drafting for defense for the past few years, and the defense is still having the exact same problems that it has been having since they won the Super Bowl.  They can't get to the quarterback and they can't cover.

The Packers play in a division with Calvin Johnson (6' 5"), Brandon Marshall (6' 4"), Alshon Jeffery (6' 3''), Martellus Bennett (6' 6"), and Cordarrelle Patterson (6' 3").  In a league where the new, prototypical NFL receiver is tall and strong, 5' 11" cornerbacks aren't going to be able to compete.  Thompson needs to realize this and start drafting taller defensive backs.

Furthermore, he needs to bring in more athletic linebackers that are good in pass coverage.  Sure, A.J. Hawk makes a lot of tackles, but most of them are five yards down field.  He is slow and can become a liability at times.

Whether he gets them through the draft or free agency, Ted Thompson needs to start bringing in some defensive talent.  Aaron Rodgers is in his prime, and only one Super Bowl is unacceptable.

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