Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Poor Bill Belichick

I am going to stay away from talking about Game 7 of the NBA Finals, because ESPN has probably beaten that dead horse.  Instead, I am going to talk about Bill Belichick.

I can't help but feel badly for him.  This is a guy that hates attention and likes to go unnoticed.  He is the Gregg Popovich of the NFL.  However, his team has received more media coverage in the past week than it normally does in an entire offseason.

  1. First, we find out that Rob Gronkowski needs back surgery.  The guy has already had four forearm surgeries and has turned into a cutting board.  This latest surgery has brought up questions about Gronkowski's durability and future.  Belichick cannot be happy.
  2. Then, the Patriots sign Tim Tebow, who is the epitome of media coverage.  Last season, ESPN camped out at the Jets' training facilities during the summer, solely because of Tim Tebow.  Obviously, Bill Belichick likes Tebow, but I doubt that he likes the attention that will come with him. 
  3. Those two occurrences are enough to give Belichick a headache, but, of course, everything comes in threes.  The Patriots other tight end, Aaron Hernandez, is a person of interest in the shooting of a man close to his home this week.  Police, armed with a search warrant, rummaged through his house on Tuesday looking for evidence in connection to the murder.  In addition, according to ESPN, there is a lawsuit against Hernandez for allegedly shooting a man in February.  Wow.
Bill Belichick isn't exactly adored by NFL fans, but he doesn't deserve this.  This is just a nightmare.  

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