Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shortening the MLB Season

The MLB season runs from the beginning of April to the end of October.  That is seven months.  By the beginning of August, most fans have lost interest and have turned their attention to football.  They get bored of baseball, because the season is so long.  The teams have already separated themselves into good and bad, and, for the most part, nothing is going to change.  Some teams are 20-30 games behind the leader of the divison and have no chance of making the playoffs.  Furthermore, by the end of October, it is cold and nasty in the northern states, meaning there is bad weather for the World Series. 

In my opinion, Major League Baseball should shorten the regular season by a month.  This would put the end of the regular season at the end of August, before football starts and would keep fans interested going into the playoffs. 

Furthermore, it would mean that the World Series would be played at the end of September, when the weather is still nice.

Additionally, a shorter season would increase the incentive for players to work harder, because they would have less games to play.  They wouldn't have to worry about playing for another month, so they will try harder in the remaining games.  Moreover, it would lead to a more competitive season, because teams would have less games to secure a playoff spot.  They would have to start "scrambling" a month earlier to try and get into the playoffs.

On the whole, I think that shortening the baseball season would be beneficial for the fans, the players, and for the competitiveness of the game. 

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