Sunday, May 26, 2013

A New Respect for Lacrosse

This weekend, I've been watching some of the NCAA Lacrosse games on ESPN.  I can't help but watch in amazement, as the players sprint down the field as they get wailed on by the defenders, while wearing no protection except for a helmet, some thin shoulder pads, and gloves.  Truthfully, it makes me question their sanity.

If you've never watched Lacrosse, it is a mix of hockey and soccer.  There are goalies for each team, and they play on a grass field.  They use sticks with a "net" on the end to catch the ball and shoot.  The positions are similar to soccer, with goalies, defenders, midfielders, and attack men.

It is a brutal sport.  Basically, when you have the ball, it gives the defenders a free license to swing at you, as if you were a piƱata.  My brother plays lacrosse, and he'll come home from games with cuts and bruises all over his body.  It looks like he just got out of Fight Club.  When I ask him what happens, he just shrugs his shoulders and says that he got slashed by someone.

Not only do they get beat on with sticks, they also do a lot of running.  It is a fast pace game that involves a lot of running up and down the field.  Those guys have got to be in awesome shape.

Between the abuse and the running involved, lacrosse is the ultimate sport.  Lax Bros, as they call themselves, you have my respect.

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