Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Ultimate Team Sport

I'm not talking about football, soccer, hockey, or basketball.  Nor am I talking about baseball, lacrosse, or volleyball.  Instead, I am referring to doubles tennis.

Now, I'm not saying that all of the other sports are not team sports.  Of course they are team sports.  I am just saying that doubles tennis is the ultimate team sport.

In tennis, both teammates need to be actively involved in every point, every game, and every set in order to win.  Both players need to be communicating between and during every point, and each player needs to execute their shots.  The teammates need to be constantly "calling" balls during the points and yelling "switch" in order to keep the point alive.

Furthermore, each player needs to be in the correct positioning, otherwise you are setting your team up to lose the point.  If one player is in bad positioning, you are leaving a large portion of the court open for the other team to exploit.

Even if you are not involved in the rally, your positioning is important, because it will narrow the "shooting lanes" of your opponent.  Furthermore, you must always be ready to cut off a ball at the net or finish the point.  Without each player working cohesively as one, the doubles team will not win.

In contrast, in the other sports, not every player is involved in every single play.  During a run up the middle, the wide receivers are not going to play a big role.  Yes, they need to block, but unless it is a long run, the cornerback will not normally make the tackle.  Furthermore, in soccer, a defender is not going to be involved in a scoring play for their team.  Conversely, if one player is not participating in tennis, you are not going to win.

I'm not saying that players in other sports aren't needed to win.  Every player needs to contribute in order for a team to win.  However, not every player is crucial to each play.

On the whole, doubles tennis is the best representation of communication and teamwork.

In you opinion, what is the ultimate team sport?
Please leave your comments below.  I appreciate your insight!

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