Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Guys in the Trenches

With Joe Flacco and Aaron Rodgers geting record deals this offseason, the quarterbacks are getting all of the attention once again.  Quarterback is the glamour position.  They get all of the endorsement deals and all of the attention from ESPN.  Even in high school, the quarterback of the football team dates the Homecoming queen.  Quarterback is widely accepted to be the most important position on the field.

However, I would argue that the big guys up front are more important.  Without a good offensive line, your team is not going anywhere.  Even the best of Quarterbacks can be neutralized if the pass rush gets to him.  Just look at Tom Brady.  When someone gets in his face, he is turned into a mediocre passer.  In addition, in today's NFL, all starting quarterback are able to make the throws.  It has become a prerequisite.  The bad ones just can't do it under pressure.  However, if you give the quarterback time and space to throw, even Mark Sanchez will be able to hit a Wide Receiver.  Of course, this all starts with a big, athletic Left Tackle, who can protect the blind side of the Quarterback.  Furthermore, a good offensive line can make an average running back into a good, maybe even very good, running back.  If you can create a big enough hole, just about anyone can run through it.

If you do the math, a solid passing game and a respectable running game equal a good offense.  You're already a 1/3 of the way there (defense and special teams).  Although I can ramble on, nothing will change.  The Offensive linemen will still fly under the radar and remain unrecognized.  I guess it's just something to consider...

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