Friday, May 31, 2013

Rob Gronkowski Surgery

The future looks grim for Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski.

Gronkowski has had four surgeries on his forearm and will now undergo back surgery.

He emerged as a star a couple of years ago, but has been plagued by injuries lately.  Unfortunately, he will be sidelined again with back issues.

There is no doubt that he will eventually make it back on the field, but there will be many concerns.  Will he play at the same level that he has played in years past?

My main concern is not this season, but later in his career.  Right now, he is young and can recover quickly.  However, how will he hold up five seasons from now (if he survives that long)?  These injuries will take a toll on him, and his body will begin to deteriorate. His body will not recover as quickly when he is older, and his production will taper.

It is unfortunate that "Gronk" has to deal with these obstacles, because he has the chance to be something special.  Ten years from now, we could have been talking about a Hall of Fame player.  Instead, it looks like we might be asking the question, "What if?"

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